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A First Course in Aerial Robots and Drones by Yasmina Bestaoui Sebbane . ISBNs: 0367631385, 9780367631383, 978-0367631383

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سال انتشار: ۲۰۲۲
زبان: انگلیسی
فرمت: PDF
ناشر: CRC Press

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A First Course in Aerial Robots and Drones provides an accessible and  student friendly introduction to aerial robots and drones. Drones figure  prominently as opportunities for students to learn various aspects of  aerospace engineering and design. Drones offer an enticing entry point  for STEM studies. As the use of drones in STEM studies grows, there is  an emerging generation of drone pilots who are not just good at flying,  but experts in specific niches, such as mapping or thermography

Key Features
 Focuses on algorithms that are currently used to solve diverse  problems. Enables students to solve problems and improve their science  skills. Introduces difficult concepts with simple, accessible examples.
Suitable  for undergraduate students, this textbook provides students and other  readers with methods for solving problems and improving their science  skills