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A More Promising Musical Future: Leading Transformational Change in Music Higher Education: CMS Emerging Fields in Music

Michael Stepniak, 1032111518, 978-1032111513, 9781032111513, B0B64H9BRC

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English | 2023 | PDF | 2 MB | 121 Pages

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Today’s  higher education music faculty and administrators are faced with  extraordinary pressure to adapt, innovate, and change. But what change  is most critical to pursue – and how can it be brought about  effectively? This concise volume brings together four seasoned thought  leaders with distinct voices, each providing a complementary glimpse  into how music faculty and administrators can help lead changes that  truly matter. Making the case for transformations to better align music  training in higher education with our culturally diverse society and the  actual marketplace facing graduates, the perspectives collected here  provide essential change management leadership strategies for music  departments in the 21st century.

Covering topics such  as diversity and inclusion, institutional transformation, and preparing  students for contemporary music careers, each chapter includes an  outline of specific steps that can be taken individually and  collectively towards needed change. Illuminating issues and providing  practical suggestions, this book will enable both music faculty and  administrators to confidently navigate change together with their  communities.