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Alzheimer's Disease Drug Development: Research and Development Ecosystem by Jeffrey Cummings . ISBNs: 1108838669, 978-1108838665, 9781108838665, B09SVBG8C4, 9781108983297, 9781108985154

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زبان کتاب: انگلیسی
فرمت فایل: PDF
ناشر: Cambridge University Press

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by Jeffrey Cummings (Editor), Jefferson Kinney (Editor), Howard Fillit (Editor)

 Alzheimer's  Disease (AD) is a growing global public health challenge. The  development of new therapies is urgently needed, and a complex ecosystem  of organizations has grown to facilitate AD drug discovery and  development. Masterfully collating information on the drug development  ecosystem, this book emphasizes the contributions of each aspect in the  pipeline with a uniform approach to chapters, enabling readers to access  relevant information quickly. Topics covered include the use of  non-clinical laboratory studies, biomarker development, artificial  intelligence, design and management of clinical trials, and funding and  financing models. Also discussed is the critical role of advocacy  fundraising for drug development. With the approval of aducanumab, the  function of the ecosystem has become apparent. This is a definitive  overview of how the ecosystem works in transferring an AD drug from its  discovery in the laboratory through clinical trial testing to regulatory  review and eventual marketing