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Archaeological Research on the Societies of Late Prehistoric Xinjiang, Vol 2

Guo Wu, Wu Lihuan, Yan Jinglan, Mark Elliot Seeley, Frank P. Saunders, 9811968888, 978-9811968884, 9789811968884, B0BN5FNX1V, 978-981-19-6888-4, 978-981-19-6889-1

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English | 2023 | PDF

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This book presents cutting-edge archaeological materials from Xinjiang, from the Bronze Age to the early Iron Age. Through a systematic topological study of major archaeological cemeteries and sites, it establishes chronologies and cultural sequences for three main regions in Xinjiang, namely the circum-Eastern Tianshan region, the circum-Dzungarian Basin region and the circum-Tarim Basin region. It also discusses the origins and local variants of prehistoric archaeological cultures in these regions and the mutual relationships between them and neighboring cultures.

By doing so, the book offers a panoramic view of the socio-cultural changes that took place in prehistoric Xinjiang from pastoral-agricultural societies to the mobile nomadic-pastoralist states in the steppe regions and the agricultural states of the oasis, making it a must-read for researchers and general readers who are interested in the archaeology of Xinjiang.