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Biofuels: Technologies, Policies, and Opportunities

Sunil Kumar and Rena Rena, 9781032054841, 9781003197737, 978-1-032-05482-7, 978-1-032-05484-1, 978-1-003-19773-7, 9781032054827, 978-1032054827, 1032054824, B0BWPTGRGL

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English | 2023 | PDF

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Offering a comprehensive overview of biofuels and bioenergy systems, Biofuels: Technologies, Policies, and Opportunities describes advances in technologies and global policies around biofuels as a renewable energy source. It discusses the basics of biofuel and bioenergy systems and current status and potential challenges in developed and developing countries. The book also highlights the questions that should be asked, available options, and processes (conventional and advanced) to enhance biofuel production.

  • Details how technological interventions can influence the operation of an effective bioenergy system.
  • Presents information regarding renewable energy directives and global policies related to energy chains, energy models, market status, and appropriateness of technology selection for different generations of biofuel generation.
  • Covers socio-economic aspects and techno-economic feasibility as well as a detailed life cycle simulations (LCS) approach, revealing the real constraints being faced in the biofuels sector.
  • Helps bioenergy professionals to prepare a roadmap for day-to-day operations.
  • Describes recent advances such as biohythane, advanced oxidation process, and nanocatalyzed pretreatment for biofuel generation from wastewater.
  • Addresses the most commonly discussed issues in the biofuel sector and the rationales underpinning them.

Written for professionals, academic researchers, decision makers, and policymakers in the biofuel sector, this book provides readers with a wide-ranging review of current research and developments in the respective field.