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Blockchain and IoT Integration: Approaches and Applications

Kavita Saini, 0367555956, 978-0367555955, 9780367555955, B09FXTTXQV

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English | 2022 | PDF | 18 MB | 208 Pages

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As technology continues to advance and the interconnection of various devices makes our lives easier, it also puts us at further risk of privacy and security threats. Phones can connect to household devices to help set alarms, turn on or off the lights, and even preheat ovens. The Internet of Things (IoT) is this symbiotic interplay of smart devices that collect data and make intelligent decisions.
However, the lack of an intrinsic security measure within IoT makes it especially vulnerable to privacy and security threats. Blockchain and IoT Integration highlights how Blockchain, an encrypted, distributed computer filing system, can be used to help protect IoT against such privacy and security breaches.
The merger of IoT and blockchain technology is a step towards creating a verifiable, secure, and permanent method of recording data processed by "smart" machines. The text explores the platforms and applications of blockchain-enabled IoT as well as helps clarify how to strengthen the IoT security found in healthcare systems as well as private homes. Other highlights of the book include:
Overview of the blockchain architecture
Blockchain to secure IoT data
Blockchain to secure drug supply chain and combat counterfeits
Blockchain IoT concepts for smart grids, smart cities, and smart homes
A biometric-based blockchain enabled payment system
IoT for smart healthcare monitoring systems