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دانلود کتاب مرزهای مبهم حقوق بین الملل عمومی و خصوصی: به سوی همگرایی یا واگرایی هنوز؟

Blurry Boundaries of Public and Private International Law: Towards Convergence or Divergent Still? by Poomintr Sooksripaisarnkit ISBNs: 9811684790, 978-9811684791, 9789811684791, B09TCZF8Y9

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زبان: انگلیسی
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فرمت: PDF
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Poomintr Sooksripaisarnkit, Dharmita Prasad
ناشر: Springer
شابک ها: 9811684790, 978-9811684791, 9789811684791, B09TCZF8Y9

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This  book examines interactions and discusses intersectionality between  public international law and private international law. With  contributions from scholars from USA, Canada, Australia, India and EU,  this book brings out truly international perspectives on the topic. The  contributions are arranged in four themes―Public international law and  private international law: historical and theoretical considerations of  the boundary; Harmonisation of private international law by public  international law instruments: evaluation of process, problems, and  effectiveness; Case studies of intersectionality between public  international law and private international law; Future trends in the  relationship between public international  law and private international  law. The ultimate aim of this book is to analyse whether these two  legal disciplines become convergent or they are still divergent as  usual. With wide coverage spanning across these four themes, the book  has takeaways for a wide readership. For scholars and researchers in the  fields of public international law and private international law, this  book sparks further thoughts and debates in both disciplines and  highlight areas for continuing research. For practitioners, this book  offers fresh insights and perspectives on contemporaneous issues of  significance. This book is also be a great resource for students at both  undergraduate and postgraduate levels taking subjects such as public  international law or private international law or some related  disciplines such as international sale of goods, international trade law  or international investment law to advance their knowledge and  understanding of the disciplines