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Clinical Reasoning in Veterinary Practice: Problem Solved! 2nd Edition by Jill E. Maddison . ISBNs: B09VS8FL8K, 1119698200, 978-1119698203, 9781119698203

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زبان کتاب: انگلیسی
فرمت فایل: PDF
ناشر: Wiley-Blackwell

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by Jill E. Maddison (Editor), Holger A. Volk (Editor), David B. Church

The new edition of this innovative textbook on clinical reasoning in veterinary medicine, provides a simple and logical approach for solving a wide range of clinical problems

Clinical Reasoning in Veterinary Practice: Problem Solved! 2nd Edition continues to provide a revolutionary approach for rapidly and efficiently solving clinical problems encountered in veterinary medicine

Featuring new problem-based clinical reasoning examples, the second edition expands its problem-based approach to cover new problems of the eye, of exotic pets, and in equine practice. Another new chapter describes the principles of professional reasoning and decision making. The text content and format is fully revised based on universal design principles and will make clinical reasoning simpler to understand for readers with different learning styles

    Provides a logical approach to common clinical problems in small animal practice such as vomiting, diarrhoea, weight loss, weakness, gait abnormalities, bleeding and more
    Includes examples of common problems in exotic and equine practice and how to assess them using a problem-solving approach
    Offers the logical rationale for selecting diagnostic tests
    Features contributions by internationally recognised clinicians and educators in clinical and professional reasoning
    Helps veterinary practitioners clearly communicate their decision-making to animal owners
    Contains flowcharts and key step markers that illustrate the decision-making process

Clinical Reasoning in Veterinary Practice: Problem Solved! 2nd Edition is the perfect textbook for undergraduate veterinary students and an invaluable resource for new graduates and experienced veterinary practitioners alike