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Digitising Enterprise in an Information Age

David L. Olson, Subodh Kesharwani | 103206630X, 978-1032066301, 9781032066301, B092DN9NR5

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PDF 2021

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Digitising Enterprise in an Information Age is an effort that focuses on a very vast cluster of Enterprises and their digitising technology involvement and take us through the road map of the implementation process in them, some of them being ICT, Banking, Stock Markets, Textile Industry & ICT, Social Media, Software Quality Assurance, Information Systems Security and Risk Management, Employee Resource Planning etc. It delves on increased instances of cyber spamming and the threat that poses to e-Commerce and Banking and tools that help and Enterprise toward of such threats. To quote Confucius, “As the water shapes itself to the vessel that contains it, so does a wise man adapts himself to circumstances.” And the journey of evolution and progression will continue and institutions and enterprises will continue to become smarter and more and more technology savvy. Enterprises and businesses across all genre and spectrum are trying their level best to adopt to change and move on with the changing requirements of technology and as enterprises and companies upgrade and speed up their digital transformations and move their outdate heirloom systems to the cloud, archaic partners that don't keep up will be left behind.