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Doctoral Student Skills: Using Your Comparative Advantage to Succeed in Grad School and Prepare for the Job Market

Christopher L. Pallas, 1032202424, 1032202432, 978-1032202426, 9781032202426, 978-1032202433, 9781032202433, B0B6GQ4Y38

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English | 2023 | PDF | 2 MB | 264 Pages

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Doctoral Student Skills offers a comprehensive overview of the key skills doctoral students  need to succeed in their studies and prepare for academic and  non-academic jobs. Revealing the often-hidden rules of graduate school  success, it guides students through challenges like selecting a research  topic, choosing an advisor, preparing for conferences, publishing their  work, and entering the job market.

The book begins  by explaining how to survey the job market and identify "signifiers"  that will signal to future employers the student’s suitability for a  job. It then guides students to reflect on their own experiences and  abilities to identify their areas of comparative advantage. Providing  detailed instructions on how to acquire key signifiers – including  conference presentations, publications, grants, awards, and teaching  experience – the volume prepares students for future professional  success, while teaching them how to leverage these activities to enhance  their progress in their present studies. The book is designed to be  used as a course text or for self-study. Each chapter features  reflective exercises that can be used individually or in small groups,  along with recommended readings and additional resources to enhance  student learning.