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Empathy in Business Leadership: Empathy & The Dark Side of Empathy

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Empathy is a valuable trait to possess and can make you an  outstanding person or leader in your field of study and profession.  Empathy is the ability to understand and share feelings without having  experienced that situation or event directly. The end goal of empathy is  to create connections at a fundamental level, which makes people more  likely to work together toward a common goal.

For professionals  who find empathy doesn't come naturally, there is good news- Empathy is a  skill that can be learned and strengthened. Given enough time and  support (such as coaching, training, and other development  opportunities), nearly everyone can learn to be more empathetic. While  challenging for some, there are many ways we can develop this skill.

To  develop empathy, you must first practice being aware of others'  emotions and then put yourself in their shoes so that you can feel what  they are feeling. Always aim to see things from someone else's  perspective. If you want people around you or those who work with you to  show more compassion toward each other, then make sure that you set an  example by practicing this yourself.

You can build empathy by  engaging meaningfully with others, being aware of other people's needs,  and being kind to others and yourself. With just two phrases, developing  empathy means being aware and to actually care.