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Engaging the Workforce: The Grand Management Challenge of the 21st Century

Nicos Rossides, 103222035X, 103222438X, 978-1032220352, 978-1032224381, 9781032220352, 9781032224381

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English | 2023 | PDF | 6 MB | 233 Pages

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Grounded  in 25 years of research and practical experience, this book shows how  to create engaging work environments and practices that harness  employees’ energy and talents toward achieving organizational goals,  while enhancing workers’ motivation and well-being.

Creating  and sustaining high functioning work environments lies at the core of  management practice, and employee engagement is a key element in shaping  these workplaces – and a significant challenge for business leaders.  Academic researchers and practitioners have tackled the topic, but a  chasm exists between these perspectives: academics tend to emphasize  theory over problem-solving, while practitioners tend to rely on  formulaic approaches and experience, rather than empirically tested  theoretical frameworks. Thought leader, accomplished CEO, and  organizational development consultant Nicos Rossides bridges this gap,  exploring the complexity and fragmented nature of the academic  literature and offering insight into practitioner approaches used by  research and consulting organizations. He also presents his own  conceptual framework that he has built over the years and is meant to be  customized to specific organizational contexts.

This  insightful book will be of great interest to CEOs, board members and  line managers across industries, as well as HR/OD practitioners and  students, especially those who wish to learn how to apply time-tested  intervention strategies to the workforce engagement challenge.