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Examining Complex Intergroup Relations: Through the Lens of Turkey

Hüseyin Çakal, Shenel Husnu, 1032022264, 1032022280, 978-1032022260, 9781032022260, 978-1032022284, 9781032022284, B0B7VNQRXC

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English | 2023 | PDF | 8 MB | 389 Pages

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This  ground-breaking volume presents a unique contribution to the  development of social and political psychology both in Turkey and  globally, providing a complex analysis of intergroup relations in the  diverse Turkish context.

Turkey is home to a huge  variety of social, ethnic and religious groups and hosts the largest  number of refugees in the world. This diversity creates a unique  opportunity to understand how powerful forces of ethnicity, migration  and political ideology shape intergroup processes and intergroup  relations. Bringing together novel research findings, the international  collection of authors explore everything from disability, age and  gender, Kurdish and Armenian relations as "traditional minorities", the  recent emergence of a "new minority" of Syrian refugees and Turkey’s  complex political history. The theories and paradigms considered in the  book – social identity, intergroup contact, integrated threat, social  representations – are leading approaches in social and political  psychology, but the research presented tests these approaches in the  context of a very diverse and dynamic non-WEIRD (Western, Educated,  Industrialized, Rich and Democratic) society, with the goal of  contributing toward the development of a more intercultural and  democratic social and political psychology. 

Bringing  together cutting-edge research and providing important insights into  the psychological underpinnings of a singular societal situation from a  variety of perspectives, this book is essential reading for students  studying the psychology, politics and social science of intergroup  relations, as well as practitioners interested in conflict resolution.