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Handbook of Fruit Wastes and By-Products: Chemistry, Processing Technology, and Utilization

Khalid Muzaffar, Sajad Ahmad Sofi, Shabir Ahmad Mir, 036772474X, 978-0367724740, 9780367724740, B0B8TQ7QSR

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English | 2023 | PDF | 16 MB | 352 Pages

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Processing  of fruits produces large volumes of wastes and these wastes can create  pollution problems and also result in loss of valuable biomass and  nutrients. The Handbook of Fruit Wastes and By-Products: Chemistry, Processing Technology, and Utilization deals with the various techniques and methods involved in processing of fruit by-products.

Although  there are some general books on by-products of food processing industry  but they are limited in context to the by-products of some particular  fruits. This is the first book devoted to fruit processing by-products  of wide range of important fruits including tropical, subtropical and  temperate fruits; and their possible utilization in food and non-food  industries.

Key Features

  • Discusses the valorization of fruit processing by-products
  • Covers the role of the by-products as prebiotics and dietary fibers
  • Presents extraction techniques of bioactive compounds from fruit wastes

This  book provides in-depth information about the fruit processing  by-products, their nutritional composition, biochemistry, processing  technology of by-products and the utilization of by-products into  various food applications. This book also offers comprehensive coverage  on the role of the fruit by-products as prebiotics and dietary fibers,  their potential as the source of bioactive ingredients and their  utilization in the development of novel functional foods.

It  also includes various novel technologies useful in extraction and  evaluation of the functional components from these fruit processing  by-products. The book addresses how the proper utilization of fruit  processing by‐products would not only emerge as a source of extra profit  to the fruit processing industry but also will help in lessen the  environment pollution due to these fruit processing by-products.