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Hematology-Oncology Therapy

Third Edition 3rd Edition, Michael Boyiadzis, Tito Fojo, 1260117405, 9781260117400, 978-1260117400

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English 2022 | PDF

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The essential therapy guide to cancer, hematologic disorders, and supportive care―updated with the latest treatment regimens

Hematology-Oncology Therapy, Third Edition,  is an up-to-date, comprehensive therapy guide that delivers more than  800 treatment regimens in a succinct, uniform format.  Supported by the  latest practice guidelines, peer-reviewed literature, and insights from  experts in the field, this peerless resource integrates extensive  information critical to both office- and hospital-based practice of  hematology and oncology.

Hematology-Oncology Therapy is divided into four sections:

  • Cancer  Regimens: Covers administration, toxicity, dose modification,  monitoring, supportive care, and the efficacy of commonly used and  recently approved therapeutic regimens, and includes expert opinion and  critical information on epidemiology, pathology, work-up, and staging,  as well as survival data
  • Antiemetics,  Growth Factors, Dose Modification and Drug Preparation: Provides  in-depth coverage of antiemetics, growth factors, and the administration  and formulation of anti-cancer drugs
  • Supportive  Care, Complications, and Screening: Offers thorough coverage  of topics commonly encountered in clinical hematology-oncology practice
  • Selected  Hematologic Diseases: provides an authoritative guide to  therapy for principal diseases in consultative hematology