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How Photography Changed Philosophy

Daniel Rubinstein, 0367694220, 9780367694227, 0367694247, 9780367694241, 1003141757, 9781003141754, 978-0367694227, 978-0367694241, 978-1003141754

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English | 2023 | PDF

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By analysing the philosophical lineage of notions of representation,  time, being, light, exposure, image, and truth, this book argues that  photography is the visual manifestation of the philosophical account of  how humans encounter beings in the present. Daniel Rubinstein argues  that traditional understandings of photography are determined by the  notions of verisimilitude and representation, and this limits our  understanding of photographic materiality. It is suggested that the  photographic image must be closely read not for the objects, events and  situations represented in it, but for the insights it affords into the  structure of contemporary consciousness. The book will be of interest to  scholars working in photography, media studies, philosophy, fine art,  and art history.