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Kafka Connect

Mickael Maison, Kate Stanley, 9781098126513, 9781098126537, 978-1098126513, 978-1098126537

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English | 2023 | EPUB, Converted PDF | Delivery Time: 1-8 Hours

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Used by more than 80% of Fortune 100 companies, Apache Kafka has become  the de facto event streaming platform. Kafka Connect is a key component  of Kafka that lets you flow data between your existing systems and Kafka  to process data in real time.

With this practical guide, authors  Mickael Maison and Kate Stanley show data engineers, site reliability  engineers, and application developers how to build data pipelines  between Kafka clusters and a variety of data sources and sinks. Connect  allows you to quickly adopt Kafka by tapping into existing data and  enabling many advanced use cases. No matter where you are in your event  streaming journey, Kafka Connect is the ideal tool for building a modern  data pipeline.

Learn Connect's capabilities, main concepts, and terminology
Design data and event streaming pipelines that use Connect
Configure and operate Connect environments at scale
Deploy secured and highly available Connect clusters
Build sink and source connectors and single message transforms and converters