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Mind Mapping and Artificial Intelligence

Jose Maria Guerrero, 978-0-12-820119-0, 0128201193, 978-0128201190, 9780128201190, 978-0-12-820242-5, 9780128202425, B0BKLJVYHL

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English | 2023 | PDF

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In the near future, we will see an increase in the development and use of all sorts of AI applications. Some of the more promising areas will be Finance, Healthcare, IoT, Manufacturing, Journalism, and Cybersecurity. Many of these applications generate a great amount of complex information. Natural Language Understanding is one of the most clear examples. Traditional ways of visualizing complex information, namely linear text, web pages and hyperlink-based applications, have serious productivity problems. Users need a lot of time to visualize the information and have problems seeing the whole picture of the results. Mind mapping is probably the only way of reducing the problems inherent in these traditional ways of visualizing complex information. Most people have no clear idea about the advantages of mind mapping or the problems created by the traditional ways of visualizing complex information. The goal of Mind Mapping and Artificial Intelligence is to provide readers with an introduction to mind mapping and artificial intelligence, to the problems of using traditional ways of visualizing complex information and as an introduction to mind mapping automation and its integration into Artificial Intelligence applications such as NLU and others. As more applications of Artificial Intelligence are developed in the near future, the need for the improvement of the visualization of the information generated will increase exponentially. Information overload will soon also happen in AI applications. This will diminish the advantages of using AI. Author José Maria Guerrero is a long-time expert in mind mapping and visualization techniques. In this book he also introduces readers to MindManager mind mapping software, which can considerably reduce the problems associated with the interpretation of complex information generated by Artificial Intelligence software.