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Model-Driven DevOps: Increasing agility and security in your physical network through DevOps

Steven Carter, Jason King, Mike Younkers, Josh Lothian, 0137644671, 9780137644674, 978-0137644674

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English | 2023 | PDF

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Develop Network Infrastructure More Rapidly, and Operate It More Effectively

 Using model-driven DevOps and the Infrastructure as Code (IaC)  paradigm, teams can develop and operate network infrastructure more  quickly, consistently, and securely--growing agility, getting  to market  sooner, and delivering more value. Now, two leading practitioners walk  you step by step through successfully implementing model-driven DevOps  for infrastructure. In this practical guide, they share lessons learned,  help you avoid common pitfalls, and illuminate key differences between  DevOps for infrastructure and conventional application-based DevOps.

 You'll learn why network infrastructure operations must change, what  needs to change, and how to work together to change it. The authors  guide you through creating consistent data models to manage massive  numbers of network elements, organizing huge quantities of network data,  and applying DevOps to infrastructure repeatably and consistently. Your  journey includes a complete, hands-on reference implementation,  detailed use cases, many examples based on open source tools, and sample  code downloadable at GitHub.

* Normalize and organize network infrastructure data consistently, to gain the same benefits from DevOps as cloud operators do
* Replace legacy command lines with APIs, then leverage and scale them
* Use configuration management, templates, and other tools to program infrastructure without coding
* Safely implement Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment for infrastructure
* Succeed with key human factors: break down silos, change culture, and address skills gaps

 Whether you're a network or cybersecurity engineer, architect, manager,  or leader, this guide will help you suffuse all your network operations  with greater efficiency, security, responsiveness, and resilience.