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Nanoelectronics : Physics, Materials and Devices

Angsuman Sarkar, Chandan Kumar Sarkar, Arpan Deyasi, Debashis De, Arezki Benfdila, 978-0-323-91832-9, 978-0-323-91833-6, 9780323918336, 0323918328, 978-0323918329, 9780323918329, B0BRQ4X1QD

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English | 2023 | PDF

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Nanoelectronics: Physics, Materials and Devices addresses the concepts involved in the exploration of research on nanoscale electronics and photonic devices and their application in next-generation integrated circuits (ICs). The book presents a detailed discussion on the field of nanoscale electronic and photonic devices, as well as the most recent techniques for the modeling and simulation of these devices. It provides an in-depth analysis of theoretical frameworks, the fundamental physics underlying device operation, computational modeling, simulation methods, and circuit applications of nanoscale devices. The purpose of this book is to provide a desirable balance between basic background and concepts to improve device performance.

In this book, both qualitative and quantitative approaches are considered to analyze and explore the contributions made by various researchers actively engaged in nanoscale device research. The book's main motivation is to help solve the challenges of analyzing and exploring the electrical behaviors of contemporary nanoscale device technologies. It purposefully builds the principles of nano electronic devices gradually, invigorating those of micro electronic devices.