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Nanofiltration: Principles, Applications, and New Materials

Andrea Iris Schafer- Anthony G. Fane | 3527346902, 978-3527346905, 9783527346905, 099422L7C

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PDF 2021

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An updated guide to the growing field of nanofiltration including fundamental principles, important industrial applications as well as novel materials 

With contributions from an international panel of experts, the revised second edition of Nanofiltration contains a comprehensive overview of this growing field. The book covers the basic principles of nanofiltration including the design and characterizations of nanofiltration membranes. The expert contributors highlight the broad ranges of industrial applications including water treatment, food, pulp and paper, and textiles.  

The book explores photocatalytic nanofiltration reactors, organic solvent nanofiltration, as well as nanofiltration in metal and acid recovery. In addition, information on the most recent developments in the field are examined including nanofiltration retentate treatment and renewable energy-powered nanofiltration. The authors also consider the future of nanofiltration materials such as carbon- as well as polymer-based materials. This important book: 

•Explores the fast growing field of the membrane process of nanofiltration 

•Examines the rapidly expanding industrial sectors use of membranes for water purification 

•Covers the most important industrial applications with a strong focus on water treatment

•Contains a section on new membrane materials, including carbon-based and polymer-based materials, as well as information on artificial ion and water channels as biomimetic membranes 

Written for scientists and engineers in the fields of chemistry, environment, food and materials, the second edition of Nanofiltration provides a comprehensive overview of the field, outlines the principles of the technology, explores the industrial applications, and discusses new materials.