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Phytoconstituents and Antifungals

Awanish Kumar, 978-0-323-91792-6, 0323917925, 978-0323917926, 9780323917926, B0BBD3KB7L

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English | 2023 | PDF

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Phytoconstituents and Antifungals covers a wide range of specific information on various phytoconstituents, their antifungal mode and the diagnosis and management of fungal infections. The book offers encouragement and empowers readers to re-embrace their knowledge of phytoconstituents and their various antifungal activities against most opportunistic pathogenic fungi as fungal diseases cause an estimated 1.5+ million deaths annually and over one billion people suffer from severe fungal disease. In this complex scenario, it is now clear that global warming and accompanying climate changes have resulted in increased incidence of many fungal infections.

On the basis of all these factors, concerns on the occurrence of a pandemic fungal origin in the near future have been raised. In this context, to stop forgetting and underestimating fungal diseases is mandatory.