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Plant Based High Protein Cookbook for Athletes: Maintain a Low-Carb Diet for Athletic Performance, Eating Vegan. A Nutrition Guide, 100+ Veggie Recipes and a 30-Day Meal Plan to Fuel Your Workout

Dane Rogers, 1914164180, 1914164059, 978-1914164187, 9781914164187, 978-1914164057, 9781914164057, 191416413X

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English | 2020 | EPUB, Converted PDF | 2 MB

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Are  you an athlete, and do you want to maintain your athletic performance  while you eat vegan? Are you looking for a cookbook with more than 100  vegan recipes? If yes, this cookbook will give you the best solutions.

Most  people think that a plant-based diet lacks protein. However, the truth  is that there are a lot of plant-based recipes that are high in protein.
As  you probably know, protein is a cell's essential component in our body.  Your body utilizes protein to repair tissues, build muscles, and  produce hormones, enzymes, and other biochemicals.
Most athletes prefer a plant-based diet because it supports the nutritional requirements necessary for optimum performance.

Besides  describing the plant-based diet, you will also find many recipes for  breakfast, whole and high protein, dinner, energy snacks, dips and  sauces, salads and more. Moreover, this book will teach you how to  calculate your daily calorie needs, the different plant-based  supplements, and the best protein sources for vegetarian athletes.
You  can also take advantage of a vegan diet plan tips, a 30-day meal plan,  and a 30-day meal plan shopping list. So, you will not have a hard time  organizing your kitchen.

In this book, you will learn:
- What a plant-based athlete is
- Protein requirements
- Necessary micro and macronutrients for a plant-based athlete
- Benefits of a high protein vegan diet
- Recipes: roasted beets, minty tomatoes and corn, sage carrots, pesto green beans, and many more
- Protein salads: edamame and noodle salad, tofu bacon bean salad, mushrooms lemon salad, lentil radish salad, and more
…and much more!