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Politics of Violence and Fear in MENA

Helena Reimer-Burgrova, 978-3-030-83932-1, 3030839346, 978-3030839345, 9783030839345, B09HBPYNKN, 3030839311, 978-3030839314, 9783030839314, 978-3-030-83931-4

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English | 2022 | PDF

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‘Politics of Violence and Fear in MENA: The Case of Egypt’ explores the state-orchestrated violence in Egypt, Syria, and Turkey justified by vaguely defined terrorist threats. It analyses the “wars on terror” as cases of lengthy securitisation processes that reinforced and legitimised autocratic practices of oppression in each country. Paying particular attention to Egypt’s “war on terror” that began 1981, the book looks into how and with what implications such securitisation processes are upheld throughout lengthy periods of time. Reworking the traditional securitisation theory, this book offers a novel securitisation model (the TER-model) that addresses the questions of securitisation durability and is applicable in non-liberal empirical contexts. The monograph is ideal for graduate students, researchers and policy makers in the fields of political science, International Relations, and Middle Eastern Studies.