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Power Quality in Power Systems, Electrical Machines, and Power-Electronic Drives, 3rd Edition

Ewald F. Fuchs and Mohammad A. S. Masoum, 978-0-12-817856-0, 0128178566, 978-0128178560, 9780128178560, 978-0-12-817857-7, 9780128178577, B0BW5YNMSP

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English | 2023 | PDF

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Power Quality in Power Systems, Electrical Machines, and Power-Electronic Drives uses current research and engineering practices, guidelines, standards, and regulations for engineering professionals and students interested in solving power quality problems in a cost effective, reliable, and safe manner within the context of renewable energy systems.

The book contains chapters that address power quality across diverse facets of electric energy engineering, including AC and DC transmission and distribution lines; end-user applications such as electric machines, transformers, inductors, capacitors, wind power, and photovoltaic power plants; and variable-speed, variable-torque power-electronic drives. The book covers nonsinusoidal waveshapes, voltage disturbances, harmonic losses, aging and lifetime reductions, single-time events such as voltage dips, and the effects of variable-speed drives controlled by PWM converters.

The book also reviews a corpus of techniques to mitigate power-quality problems, such as the optimal design of renewable energy storage devices (including lithium-ion batteries and fuel cells for automobiles serving as energy storage), and the optimal design of nonlinear loads for simultaneous efficiency and power quality.