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Risk Analysis for the Digital Age

Anton Gerunov, 3031180992, 978-3031180996, 9783031180996, B0BMPC6GTC, 978-3-031-18099-6, 978-3-031-18100-9

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English | 2023 | PDF

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This book presents a foray into the fascinating process of risk management, beginning from classical methods and approaches to understanding risk all the way into cutting-age thinking. Risk management by necessity must lie at the heart of governing our ever more complex digital societies. New phenomena and activities necessitate a new look at how individuals, firms, and states manage the uncertainty they must operate in. Initial chapters provide an introduction to traditional methods and show how they can be built upon to better understand the workings of the modern economy. Later chapters review digital activities and assets like cryptocurrencies showing how such emergent risks can be conceptualized better. Network theory figures prominently and the book demonstrates how it can be used to gauge the risk in the digital sectors of the economy. Predicting the unpredictable black swan events is also discussed in view of a wider adoption of economic simulations. The journey concludes by looking at how individuals perceive risk and make decisions as they operate in a virtual social network. This book interests the academic audience, but it also features insights and novel research results that are relevant for practitioners and policymakers.