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Sacrificing America's Women: Defeating Breast Cancer the Lavender Way/Procedure

Phillip Bretz, B0B59ZGYK5, 1662914229, 1662914237, 978-1662914225, 978-1662914232, 9781662914225, 9781662914232

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The author asks if you know anyone or yourself who was diagnosed  with breast cancer? If so, even if they made it the journey probably  wasn't one they or you would want to repeat. What if it were possible to  diagnose breast cancer at an ultra-small stage before it had a chance  to spread (The lavender Way). What if you could treat breast cancer  successfully in an office setting (Lavender Procedure) in twenty minutes  without a single stitch and resume normal activity immediately? What if  that doctor had cancer-free survivors going on seven years out, is that  a story you want to know about? This book was written by a dedicated  and pioneering breast cancer surgeon/researcher. His mantra is to  preserve the mind, body, and spirit of the women who have come to him  from all over the world. He is the author of America's first large-scale  breast cancer prevention clinical trial using the drug Tamoxifen. It  chronicles his life's story from his earliest memories of growing up in  the 1950s in Chicago to his modeling career, to wrestling a bear a  county fair, to his high school and college stories, then on to medical  school and surgical residency, and finally his years at Eisenhower  Memorial Hospital including operating on First Lady Betty Ford and  opening up the first comprehensive breast in the Coachella Valley. His  research efforts have taken him to the erstwhile Soviet Union,  Cherbonyl, Beijing, and a host of other countries where he has been  asked to speak. This book is entitled Sacrificing America's Women Part 1  because there is an answer to breast cancer that is being summarily  dismissed by an establishment that refuses change and wants to  perpetuate the slash, poison. burn approach as some people say. He  served as a principal speaker on President Bushe's Breast Cancer Panel  and served three years as a civilian aboard the Marine Air Ground Combat  Center at 29 Palms, CA, was awarded the Carnegie Medal for an  outstanding act of heroism, and ran for Congress against Sony Bono. He  has been recognized for excellence by people at FLIR and awarded two  medals of excellence by the then-commanding general of the 335th Medical  Brigade of the Army. He was interviewed by CNN for his groundbreaking  efforts at breast cancer prevention, holds a Principal Investigator  number with the NCI, he testified for the State of California in the  proceedings about Tamoxifen and has given a TED-TALK.

Yet through  all this effort to help the world's women, he was placed on probation  by the Medical Board for finding him negligent. It was/is  disappointingly enigmatic where he is prohibited from carrying out the  procedure he helped pioneer and that thus far has saved bodies and  lives. He wants to present his case in the court of public opinion to  see if the women of this land after reading about his quest believe  justice was carried out or not. Did anyone ever ask how the patients  were doing treated the Lavender Way/Procedure using all FDA approved  modalities?

Sacrificing America's Women Part 2 is the story of  how he came up with the idea of using Tamoxifen in a large-scale  clinical trial and his visits to the erstwhile USSR and Chernobyl, the  White House, and Congressional hearings. it's a story that made him feel  like James Bond and Huck Finn. Oh by the way his idea of using  Tamoxifen for prevention was summarily dismissed by many noted  researchers. The Government spent 68 million based on his idea and  Tamoxifen became the first drug to be FDA approved for breast cancer  prevention. It lowers the risk by 50%. At least he got something right  to help untold thousands of women around the world to prevent breast  cancer. It's a story of how your tax dollars are really spent and how  disruptive ideas/people are dealt with.