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Seismic Evaluation, Damage, and Mitigation in Structures

Iman Mansouri, Paul O. Awoyera, 978-0-323-88530-0, 978-0-323-88531-7, 9780323885317, 0323885306, 978-0323885300, 9780323885300, B0BNNDBZHR

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English | 2023 | PDF

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Seismic Evaluation, Damage, and Mitigation in Structures covers recent developments in the field of seismic performance assessment of structures. Earthquakes are one of the main natural hazards that can directly cause damage to a structure or even instigate a structural collapse, resulting in significant economic and human loss of life. In the event of an earthquake where many buildings and infrastructure components are not able to function afterward, or if extensive repair and associated disruption are needed, it can be extremely costly and take a long time to resolve.

Divided into three parts, this book reviews and discusses earthquake-induced damage evaluation in structures, the repair of structural and non-structural components, and seismic damage mitigation strategies. With contributions from the leading experts in the field, this book is for earthquake engineers, structural engineers, PhD students studying civil engineering, people who can easily inspect and repair structures for quick reoccupation, and for those who understand topics such as design and damage mitigation, and limited structural or non-structural damage in seismic events.