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Self-in-Relationship Psychotherapy: A Complete Clinical Guide to Theory and Practice

Augustine Meier, Micheline Boivin, 1032224150, 1032224126, 978-1032224152, 9781032224152, 978-1032224121, 9781032224121, B0B5VQT7K2

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English | 2023 | PDF | 6 MB | 321 Pages

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In  this innovative book, the authors set out their theory of  Self-in-Relationship Psychotherapy (SIRP), advocating for the  integration of relational, self, and physical intimacy needs in the  conceptualization and treatment of psychological problems, placing human  needs at the center of treatment.

This marks a shift  in how psychological and relational problems are understood, currently  being perceived in terms of affects, cognitive processes and behaviors.  Using numerous illustrations from their own clinical practice, Meier and  Boivin contend that this understanding overlooks the pivotal role that  needs play in all aspects of peoples’ personal lives and relationships.  Children, adolescents, and adults do not live primarily from feelings  and thoughts, but from basic psychological and relational, needs such as  wanting to be in a meaningful relationship, having the autonomy and  freedom to make decisions about their lives, experiencing being  competent, being regarded as a significant and important person, and  experiencing emotional, intimate, and sensual and/or sexual connections.  By taking such an approach this book stands out among other books on  psychotherapy theories.

Authored by two seasoned  psychologists who have provided therapeutic services to children,  adolescents, and adults for 40 years, this book comprises the  foundational theory for practicing Self-in-Relationship Psychotherapy,  making it of interest to graduate students, clinicians in training, and  practicing psychologists, social workers, and psychotherapists alike.