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Successful Doctoral Training in Nursing and Health Sciences: A Guide for Supervisors, Students and Advisors

Debra Jackson, Patricia M. Davidson, Kim Usher, 978-3-030-87946-4, 978-3-030-87945-7, 3030879453, 978-3030879457, 978-3030879457, B09NFLNRGD

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English | 2022 | PDF

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This textbook is a practical, user-friendly and essential guide for doctoral students, their supervisors and advisors and administrators of doctoral programs in nursing and health sciences. Nurses and health scientists have a relatively young tradition of doctoral training, and this means students often come to doctoral studies without a clear understanding of what is required to be successful at this level of education. Supporting students to successful completion of doctoral studies involves a complex fusion of skills, and yet researchers and academics receive little specialist training in this crucial area of teaching and learning. Strong pedagogies around doctoral supervision and writing are essential because in addition to the scientific, research and educative skills required, it is important to be able to establish and maintain enabling professional relationships within which both parties can thrive, and that can withstand the years of critique needed for doctoral work. The authors offer supervisors, advisors, students and administrators practical advice on helping students thrive, and steering them through various challenges that can arise during doctoral candidature. With a focus on nursing and health sciences, the authors take a global approach, recognising the international focus of doctoral training in nursing and health sciences. The authors of this book are experienced supervisors and advisors to doctoral students and together, have well over 100 successful doctoral completions and more than 1000 publications. They draw on a series of interviews and case studies to share their knowledge and experience and provide insights and guidance to inspire and support student progression and ensure students get the most out of their doctoral studies.